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Local Carpet Cleaners Yeovil people trust, serving South Somerset since 2003. For all Your Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning needs - contact us today.

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A little about the FibreSolve Carpet Cleaning Team..

We’re a husband and wife carpet & upholstery cleaning team – please watch our video introduction to see who we are, and about our focus >

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What Some of Our Yeovil Area Carpet Cleaning Customers Say..

“Great service, on time super professional and a really good result.” Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.

OM – Yeovil


“Thank you both so much for the excellent job that you did cleaning our sofas and carpets recently. We’re delighted with the results. Especially pleased with the job you did of cleaning our favourite sofa which we thought we would have to get re-upholstered because of how dirty and worn out it looked after 15 years of use. It now looks as good as the day we bought it! You did an amazing job of cleaning our carpets too and everything now looks revitalised and smells fresh and lovely again. We highly recommend your cleaning service and would give 10/10 for being friendly, efficient, informative, respectful of our home and good value for money.”

LL – Ashington


“Hi Nathan and Pati, what a splendid outcome from the work you both did on my suite and carpets. Both were looking the worse for wear and now are clean and bright. We are pleased also with the way you both conducted yourselves and the care you took with our home. Rest assured that we will have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family. Thank you both so much.”

YT – Ilchester


We provide the level of cleaning your carpets need.

Industrial Strength Dry Vacuuming

Pre-clean treatment for heavy soiling, spots and stains

Powerful Water Extraction Cleaning with Carpet Steam Cleaning

Specialist Cleaning for Synthetic and Wool Carpets

Careful But Thorough Upholstery Cleaning

Thorough Dry Vacuuming

Spot, Stain and De-Greasing treatments specific to the fabric

Deep Extraction Cleaning

Professional Rug Cleaning

Water Extraction Rug Cleaning - Cleaning for delicate and hard wearing rugs.

Thorough Dry Vacuuming

The right chemistry prepared for the application

Deep Extraction Cleaning

Controlled Ph for Sensitive Rugs

Giving the best chance of improvement

Multi-Step Spot & Stain Removal

Professional Stain Removal Techniques

Permanent Stain Reduction Chemistry

Protect Your Soft Furnishings

High quality stain repellent products

Gives your carpets & upholstery a longer life

A must for Wool carpets


  • Experienced & Qualified Since 2003
  • Fully Insured
  • Industry Leading Equipment & Techniques
  • Personal & Honest Customer Service
  • No VAT Charged
Carpet Cleaners Yeovil Somerset - FibreSolve Steam Cleaning
Carpet Cleaners Yeovil Somerset - FibreSolve Pati Cleaning a Carpet
Upholstery Cleaners Yeovil Somerset - FibreSolve Nathan Cleaning an Armchair
Carpet Cleaners Yeovil Somerset - FibreSolve Carpet Cleaning Extraction System

Our Yeovil Carpet Cleaning Customers Ask - FAQ

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It?

FibreSolve Carpet Cleaners Yeovil Somerset Stair Carpet Cleaning

Yes, absolutely. Professional Carpet Cleaning is very thorough. There is no comparison with professional cleaning and doing it yourself, such as by hiring a machine. Also expert carpet cleaners, like FibreSolve will give your carpets the best chance of improvement. Not only will having them cleaned, restore a high level of hygiene, but regular professional cleaning will actually prolong the life of the carpets. To see our latest results from our carpet cleaning in Yeovil and surrounding areas in Somerset see the Gallery in the Methods section or our YouTube channel.

How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

FibreSolve Carpet Cleaners Yeovil Somerset - Cleaning at floor Level

Like anything else around the home, carpets need to be cleaned regularly. As a guide, have them professionally cleaned once a year if you have children and/or dogs. If you are a couple or live alone then about every 18 months. Having a regular carpet cleaning program like the above will keep your carpets clean and will slow the process of them wearing out. This is because constant use of dirty carpets increases the irreversible wear in the carpet. So cleaning them periodically will prolong the investment of your carpets. Of course FibreSolve are you’re local expert carpet cleaners.

What Is The Best Way To Have Carpets Cleaned?

Carpet Cleaners Yeovil Somerset FibreSolve Steam Cleaning

Professional deep carpet cleaning is a process called ‘Hot Water Extraction’. This is the most thorough method of carpet cleaning there is. Depending on the carpet we can also turn up the heat to apply boosted steam carpet cleaning. When comparing a carpet cleaning quotation it is important to check that the price quoted is for this most thorough format of cleaning. Otherwise it is not a comparative quote. Read more on our Methods page.

Do Carpets Get Dirty Faster After Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaners Yeovil Somerset FibreSolve Our Carpet Cleaning Extraction System

It depends. If the carpet cleaning method used a high level of sticky detergents or shampoo, or if any product used in the cleaning was not thoroughly rinsed from the carpet then the answer will be ‘yes’. Professional carpet cleaning involves what might be called a ‘last step rinse’. This is the machine stage of the cleaning where the dirt and any product is removed from the carpet using powerful vacuums and clean water.

Other Reasons Why Carpets Can Seam to Get Dirtier Quicker...

Other reasons why a carpet may seam to get dirty after the cleaning may be because it was not dry vacuumed thoroughly before the wet cleaning commenced. Also, because of the inferiority of the cleaning system, not all the dirt was removed. Our determination is not only to clean your carpets as thoroughly as possible, but to look after them the right way. If you live in the Yeovil area we hope you’ll choose FibreSolve as your local carpet cleaners!

Our Carpet Cleaning Service Areas

Ashington, Chilthorne Domer, Yeovilton, Odcombe, Montacute, East Coker, West Coker, Mudford

Compton Dundon, Long Sutton, Pitney, Upton, Keinton Mandeville, Barton St. David, Charlton Mackrell, Charlton Adam, Kingsdon, Knole, Cary Fitzpaine.

Henley, High Ham, Low Ham, Huish Episcopi, Curry Rivel, Othery, Middlezoy.

Walton, Ashcott, Pedwell, Greinton, Shapwick, Moorlinch, Stawell, Edington, Catcott, Chilton Polden, Cossington, Woolavington.

Butleigh, Baltonsborough, Meare, Westhay, Godney, Polsham, West Pennard.

Coxley, North Wootton, Dulcote, Dinder, Wookey Hole, Priddy, Yarley, Henton, Panborough.

Theale, Mark, Blackford and Burtle

Croscombe, Pilton, Pylle, East Pennard, Evercreech, Ditcheat.

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