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How to Keep Carpets Looking New

Carpets are a major investment in the home, and like anything else they need constant maintenance and cleaning to preserve them.

In this article we’ll answer how to keep carpets looking new by 5 tried and tested steps. FibreSolve are your trusted Carpet & Upholstery cleaning specialists, so we really do know our onions… I mean carpets! We spend our week looking after peoples’ carpets and that includes giving recommendations as to how to best look after their carpets, to make them last as long as possible, feeling clean and looking new.

So.. ready for those 5 steps to get your home carpet maintenance under control and keep your carpets looking new? Let’s get into it.

How to Keep Carpets Looking New - Dog on carpet

How to Keep Carpets Looking New: Step 1

This might sound basic but to keep your carpets looking as new as possible don’t wear shoes on them, especially ones that you use outside. We had a think about how many we clean for abide by this, and this is what we estimate to be the results:

As you can see, its fairly close, but just over half of our customers wear shoes of some kind on their carpets, vastly increasing the dirt levels in their carpets. In addition wearing shoes around the home is the main reason why carpets lose their softness.

When we arrive to clean carpets at a house, we can quickly see the carpets have been well looked after by the occupants removing their shoes before walking on them. This is of course is also manifested in the overall dirt levels found in the carpets too.

So leave off on walking on your carpets with shoes and you’ll add considerable life to your carpets.

how to keep carpets looking new visit to shoe less property

We saw this sign in one of our customers houses recently – we think they have got it just right! Why not make your home a shoe-less property!

In addition to keeping shoes and the dirt they carry off of your carpets, read on to see one of the most important Steps to keeping your carpets looking new…one that many neglect…

How to Keep Carpets Looking New: Step 2

Keep your carpets in good condition by regular vacuuming. This will keep on top of the build up of dust, grit, soil and hair.

How often should you vacuum (or Hoover as many say) a carpet?

In general carpets should be vacuumed at least twice a week failure to do so causes the carpet to wear quicker when used in a dirty condition. Regularity is also a basic feature of keeping the carpet and home clean.

As to how long for each room, this will be different from room to room and household to household. Some rooms will need more vacuuming that others. For instance if you happen to have a carpeted hallway then obviously it will need more vacuuming than a spare bedroom.

In rooms or spaces that are busiest, you’ll need to make multiple passes over the carpet with your vacuum cleaner. In rooms that are used very little perhaps a single pass may be enough.

Vacuuming should be part of an ongoing maintenance schedule to look after your carpets.

What happens if you don’t Vacuum carpet?

All the things that accumulate in a carpet will gradually cause it wear far quicker than if it is regularly vacuumed and periodically professionally cleaned. Not to mention the fact that will simply not be clean!

We have much experience with vacuum cleaners both domestic and commercial. We highly recommend the Miele Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner. (Pictured) Though you might say you haven’t got a cat or dog, this name refers to the fact that the vacuum comes with a special cleaning head that has  a brush system. This is most thorough type of cleaning head for any home use, hence why we recommend it so highly.


How to Keep Carpets Looking New: Step 3

When an unexpected accident happens such as a drink spillage or mud is walked in - don't panic! We have seen many times that when this happens, for some reason, people quickly reach for some kind of carpet shampoo and make a terrible mess.

Remember that the only way a stain may be most thoroughly removed is by professional cleaning. But it may not be practical to call a professional carpet cleaner like us every time a stain happens. So you have to do what you can that in a small way mimics the cleaning process the pro’s use. The key is to blot the affected area. Using kitchen towels, place them over the spillage zone. Then stand on them, perhaps gently marching on the spot. This mimics the process the professionals use, by drawing the stain up into the towels. Repeat this until either nothing more comes out or nothing no longer transfers onto the paper towels. If you think you may be able to draw more of the stain up, use a damp wrung out cloth and continue with the above method.

And Remember....

Never use off the shelf spotters, shampoos, washing up liquid or anything from a Supermarket aimed at solving carpet stains. These methods could set the stain, push it further into the carpet and possibly bleach the carpet, eclipsing the original stain!

How to Keep Carpets Looking New: Step 4

What is the best way to rejuvenate carpets and keep them looking new? That’s the 4th key step: have them professionally cleaned periodically. Yes it’s true, many of us try to take care of many household tasks ourselves these days. But proper cleaning of your carpets should be left to a qualified professional. They have the experience, techniques and the powerful equipment to get the best possible results. As mentioned in Step 3, you’ll then avoid some of the dangers that come with trying to clean your carpets yourself.

How often should you have your carpets deep cleaned professionally?

On average we recommend having your carpets cleaned about once a year. Doing so will keep them as clean as possible and along with the above steps will help to keep carpets in as good condition as possible. Like anything they will last far longer for having the appropriate care and cleaning.

What can I put on my carpet to keep it clean?

Unfortunately, there’s no magic product that will just keep your carpet clean on it’s own, but there is something else you can do that will further benefit the carpet and help keep it looking new.. it’s Step 5…

How to Keep Carpets Looking New: Step 5

Either when you purchase a new carpet or have it cleaned, you can have a carpet protector, or stain protector applied. This is a special product that is applied by spray gun. It works by forming a coating around the individual fibres in the carpet making them more resilient to soiling and stains.

Basically, if your carpets have a protector applied they will be much more forgiving when it comes to cleaning them. Not only will you be more successful when blotting the occasional spot or stain, but also the carpets will respond even better when cleaned professionally.

how to keep carpets looking new step 5 stain protector

A protected carpet will suspend any liquid that falls on to it, as above.

Nasty staining and marks are more likely to respond as pictured above, if the carpet is protected.

Keep Your Carpets Looking New - Wrapping Up...

We're sure these steps will help your carpets last longer and stay clean....

Your carpets will stay cleaner for longer when apply the above steps. Like anything it does take some time, but it will prolong the investment, and who can put a price on cleanliness! Of course all of these steps also apply to rugs. For specific suggestions to keep rugs looking new check out the Land of Rugs article – How often should you clean your rugs.

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