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FibreSolve Privacy Policy

FibreSolve Privacy Policy & Data Protection Notice

This Policy refers firstly to those who use our services and then our website.

Who are you?

FibreSolve is Nathan and Pati Danks, and we are eager for you to understand how we use your information. You will be happy to know that we do not pass any of your information on to any individuals or businesses, through any means. All information that we hold about you will be with the greatest care and your consent. Please read on to see the exact ways we will use your information.

What information do you collect?

We collect the following information to fulfil our professional services: Your name, full address, telephone numbers and at times email addresses. We also record information about your carpeted area’s, rugs and upholstery. All for the purpose of providing a professional service to you.

How is my information collected and stored?

Your information is entered into and stored securely on a password protected spreadsheet. This makes up our customer database and assist us rendering professional service to you. Your personal data is kept alongside a record of past invoices and cleaning date. This helps to quickly find previous cleaning records.

Do you plan to share my information?

No. We will never share your personal information with any third party. We have no plans to send out any marketing information and If that changes we will be in touch for your consent.

How long will you store my information?

We only want to store your information as long as necessary. Some customers come back to us after 5 years some even more. If we don’t hear from you for 7 years we will automatically delete your information from our database records. Regarding our business records for accounting purposes, invoices containing your data will be properly destroyed 7 years after the accounting year they were processed in.

What control do I have over my data?

You have full access to the information we hold about you. You can see it if you want, change it and have us delete it altogether.

Will the website record any personal information of mine?

There is one contact form and a series of newsletter subscribe buttons on the site.  Please be assured any information entered is handled securely by the website, and is then forwarded direct to us via email. Please also note the following:

Cookie Information

The website uses cookies to enhance your experience on the website. Cookies are small pieces of information placed on your computer to assist the internet browsing experience on this website and most others. They also help your computer show you a place you have visited before. By using this website you agree to Cookies being placed on your computer device. Cookies used on this site do not record any of your personal information. If you wish to continue browsing without the advantage of Cookies consult your browser to disable them.

Analytical Data

The website uses a third party website to collect and process data associated with your visit to our website. Is it used for the purpose of improving the website and user experience. Because of the simplicity of our website the data collected is almost entirely impersonal, but includes information about your rough location. This data is retained for 26 months.

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