Here are a few verifiable reviews made by domestic and business customers, we hope that they will help you choose us.

“Nathan and his wife, Pati, work together. They cleaned my sofas and carpets and did a superb, professional job. They have a high level of knowledge and skill and excellent equipment as well as being very personable. I was extremely pleased with their work and would recommend them without reservation. 5 out of 5.”

MA – Street – Recommended by Which? Local with this review

Hi Nathan and Pati, What a splendid outcome from the work you both did on my suite and carpets. Both were looking the worse for wear and now are clean and bright. We are pleased also with the way you both conducted yourselves and the care you took with our home. Rest assured that we will have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family. Thank you both so much. With kind regards,

YT – Ilchester

“Dear Nathan & Pati. We are delighted with your excellent work and have already recommended you to friends in Butleigh.”

SD – Butleigh

“Dear Nathan & Pati, the carpet looks amazing, as if nothing had been spilt at all. I’m very grateful.”


“Many thanks – great job done again.”

CT – West Lydford

“Thanks ever so much, really good job, I’ll have to think of some people to recommend you to!”

MJ – Street

“Very impressive, very professional, the carpet looks a lot better – I didn’t think it was that dirty!”

BW – Glastonbury

“Just wanted to ring to thank you for responding so quickly, and to say what an amazing job you’ve done with our carpet, our expectations of it were low, considering it was so dirty – but it has been completely transformed!”

MM – Wells

“Well after seeing you remove that chewing gum and resurrect that carpet where I work, I’m sure my carpet will respond well too.”

TS – Street

“Received your invoice today – nice to see someone do the job in the time they said they would and on budget! Thanks for a job well done.”

SM – FBA Crewkerne

“Thank You! The carpet still looks as good as new – we are very impressed with your service”

AB – Practice Manager Glastonbury

“Very Impressed, thank you. We’ll definitely be in contact again”

MW – Baltonsborough

“Thanks very much, difference on the stairs is unbelievable, it smells nice too.”

MV – Meare

“I thought you were going to have your work cut out with the state of our reception carpet – but it looks great, thank you.”

SM – Culmstock

“When I saw what a job you made of the property I let out, I decided to get you in to look at my stairs and landing, it looks great.”

SS – Street

“I’d never have thought such a response in the rug was possible – it looks new, it just amazing.”

JP – Wellington

“Thank you Nathan for an excellent job of cleaning my carpets – I was delighted with the results!”

TM – Glastonbury

“The carpet is so wonderfully clean – hopefully my mum won’t make me vacuum for a while! Thanks very much.”

SM – Glastonbury

“Thanks for doing a great job.”

SFL – Wells

“Many thanks, the carpets look great!”

RB – SPL Chantry

“Thanks very much, the carpets look great!”

SC – Queen Camel

“Many thanks. We are really pleased with the result – a huge improvement! If you ever need a recommendation please feel free to ask.”

JB – Street

“Thanks for fitting this job in so quickly – I think the carpet has come up really well – thanks!”

DB – Street

“Thanks very much for the work done in our home. We’re really pleased with the job.”

JD – Street

“Thank you very much for a job well done – we’re sure to be in contact in the future!”

CL – Street

“Thank you so much – the carpets look great.”

JT – North Wootton

“Many thanks. We’re very pleased with how clean the carpets look!”

FF – West Pennard

“You did a fantastic job! Thank you very much.”

GL – Glastonbury

“The carpets are fantastic – I hardly recognize them – fully restored and all grime removed. Thanks so much, hugely appreciated.”

JB – Street

“The sitting room carpet looks great! Thanks very much.”

JW – Wells

“Thank you so much for your lovely job.”

DC – Glastonbury

“Thank you very much Nathan for your help with our carpets.”

JR – Shepton Mallet

“Thanks very much for what you did last week, I was very pleased. The carpets look very good.”

ML – Street

“Thanks very much for coming around the other week and once again doing a great job.”

DJD – Street

“Thank you for returning the rug. The rug looks really clean – so thank you.”

RM – Street

“I just wanted to ring up to say the carpets look absolutely great! The carpet has come up looking much better, thank you ever-so much. Thanks for the excellent service.”

JR – Glastonbury

“Many thanks for a great job.”

SB – Wedmore

“Very pleased with your prompt survey, explanation of your procedures and the excellent result. I have recommended your services to interested neighbours and would use them again.”

PV – Ilminster

“Hi Nathan, just wanted to say a huge thanks for doing such a good job on our carpets, I came back and was amazed! We will definitely recommend you, and use you again if we need to.”

LL – Somerton

“We would like to thank you for the excellent job you made of cleaning our carpet at the Centre and will recommend your services to others.”

PW – Coxley

“The upholstery looks so good now that we don’t need the lights on to see it!”

BC – Street

“Thanks for doing such a great job on the rugs.”

KK – Compdon Dundon

“Thanks again for all your help we were very pleased with the job you did, everything looks so much better.”

LH – Welham

“Thanks again for the miracle you performed on our carpets.”

CB – Portishead

“Thank You! What a great Job! I felt as if I have walked into a new home!”

FT – Glastonbury

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