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Carpet Stain Removal in Glastonbury Somerset

If you need carpet stain removal in Glastonbury, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re a husband and wife team who have a collective experience of 29 years in professional carpet stain removal. As you would expect we apply only the best stain removal methods and solutions in order the achieve the best possible results. In this page we want to explain the process that our customers needing carpet stain removal in Glastonbury can expect.

Carpet Stain Removal in Glastonbury Somerset

The First Step in Successful Carpet Stain Removal...

The first thing we do is discuss with you everything that is known about the specific carpet stain problem. For instance its helpful for us to know what the stain is, what the type of carpet is and if you tried to remove the stain, including the product you may have used*. Don’t worry if you don’t know all the these things as we can usually identify them when we visit to perform the cleaning – but telling us as much as you can is really helpful!

The Carpet Stain Removal - Cleaning Attempt...

Did an excellent job of cleaning carpets that bore years of dirt and stains from raising a family and 2 dogs, including a heavily stained stairs. Dried in no time. Carpets were transformed. Very good aftercare advice. I would definitely recommend them.

Tracey – Glastonbury

The stain removal process begin with using professional products that we think are most likely to loosen the stain. For instance, if the stain is tea, then we use specialist products for drinks and proteins. If the stain is oil based then we use gel based removers to help breakdown the soiling. Once we treat a stain and allow it some time, we use our equipment to extract the stain and the prodcut used to loosen it. This extraction stage uses fresh clean water as part of the process to flush out and suck the stain out.

You can see an example of this powerful carpet stain removal and extraction process in the following video:

As seen in the above video – amazing results can be had by professional carpet stain removal techniques. Sometimes the process described above needs to be repeated a few times to achieve the best possible results. This can sometimes involve the use of other spot and stain removers to unlock the stain and help release it from the carpet. 

In addition there lots of other variables that we take into consideration to get the best result possible. These include water temperature (sometimes cold is best, sometimes extreme heat), ph of the solution (again sometimes high is needed, sometimes low) and of course, time.

Of course there are no gaurantees with carpet stain removal. That’s why no professional carpet cleaner will promise the removal of a specific stain. Many times stains are completely removed with cleaning, but sometimes they will remain, perhaps with some improvement.

What happens then?

Permanent Stain What Next?

So the stain has had everything a professional cleaning attempt would throw at it, but it still remains. The stain is permanent. Is that it? Well not yet!

In some cases, and with certain stains we may be able go one step better. This isn’t cleaning anymore – it’s chemistry.

Please have a look at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures below. In the ‘before’ picture you’ll see a red wine stain on an unprotected cream wool carpet. (For some reason light coloured wool carpets attract red wine!) This is how the stain looked before any removal attempt was made. After going through our initial cleaning process described above there was about a 50% improvement in the visibility of the stain – but still caught the eye on entering the room.

After then discussing the options with the customer it was decided to treat the remaining stain with our permanent stain reduction chemistry. As you can see in the ‘after’ photo, considering this was a permanent stain the result in this case is amazing, leaving just slight trace of the marked area. It was hardly visible from some angles.

carpet stain removal glastonbury wine stain cleaning

Remember the above pictures are not your usual before and after photo, which shows a dirty area and a clean area. This photo shows the results of treating a permanent red wine stain – one that cannot be removed. This is not just carpet stain cleaning, this is carpet stain chemistry!

What can be done to give a carpet, particularly wool ones, more chance of giving up difficult stains?

Professional stain protection is the answer…..

A Stain Protector Could Have Helped!

A carpet stain protector gives all kinds of carpets a much better resilience to stains. A protector is a coating we apply to the carpet that forms an additional barrier around the carpet fibres. It can be applied to new carpets or existing carpets just after having been cleaned. To read more, please see our Carpet & Upholstery Stain Protector page.

Carpet Stain Protector Applying The Protector - Applying Protector

Should you try Carpet Stain Removal Yourself or Call a Professional? (Like FibreSolve)

In all honesty, there is very little we would recommend you do yourself. Often people reach for ‘off the shelf’ spot and stain removers and shampoo’s, Fairy liquid and so on, but usually these make everything worse. Much of the time a DIY attempt at removing stains ends up becoming a bigger problem, even setting the stain and therefore inhibiting a professional cleaning attempt which may have been successful.

Here’s what you can do..

As soon as you can, blot the stain. Use dry or lightly damp (not sopping wet) kitchen towels or cloths. Put the cloth over the area, and stand on it. Applying downward pressure, by standing on, then stepping off and repeating, will help draw the excess of the stain up into the towel. Keep doing this until, the stain no longer transfers onto the towels and until the carpet is dry. Never scrub the carpet and stain.

You've seen the Carpet Stain Removal process our Glastonbury Customers enjoy.. Where Would You Like to Go Next?