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We’re a husband and wife team who have the knowledge, skills and tools required to get the best possible results for your carpets. As you would expect we apply only the best cleaning and stain removal methods. Learn more about the top features of our Professional Carpet Cleaning Service.

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"We have pets and didn't expect the results to be so good. Nathan and Pati were very professional and considerate. Highly recommended."
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Overleigh, Street
"Nathan and Pati, cleaned my carpets and did a superb, professional job. They have a high level of knowledge and skill and excellent equipment as well as being very personable. I was extremely pleased with their work and would recommend them without reservation. 5 out of 5."
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Oakfield Road, Street
"We had our carpets cleaned by FibreSolve and were very pleased with result. The helpful, professional and friendly service was perfect. Thank you very much."
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Bramley Road, Street

The First Step in Successful Carpet Cleaning

Once we arrive to clean your carpets, we’ll firstly inspect the areas to be cleaned and ensure they can be cleaned without any issues. The vast majority of carpets can be cleaned without any problems at all.

Additionally we also look out for any area’s that will need specific attention. For instance, the main walkways in rooms and in front of sofa’s often need the most work as they are often the most dirty. Also if there are any particular stains or odour issues we can identify these and ensure we give them the best chance of removal or improvement once we begin applying the cleaning.

What though does the our professional carpet cleaning service involve?

FibreSolve Carpet Cleaning Services - Cleaning at floor Level
FibreSolve Carpet Cleaning Services Street Somerset - Stair Carpet Cleaning

How We Perform the Cleaning - The Deep Carpet Cleaning Process

Let’s go over the steps we’ll take as we perform the cleaning, so you can be sure that for investing in the cleaning, it will be cleaned as thoroughly and safely as possible.

Watch a video example of the results possible with our thorough, industry approved upholstery cleaning process:

As seen in the above video – amazing results can be had by professional carpet cleaning. Here’s the process that got the results… 

Professional Carpet Cleaning - Step 1: Dry Vacuuming

To begin the cleaning process, it’s essential to carry out comprehensive Dry Vacuuming, which effectively eliminates loose dust and grit trapped in the fibres of the carpet. This step is crucial as dampness can make it challenging to remove the dust particles later. Neglecting to start with this fundamental step may result in inadequate dirt removal.

Professional Carpet Cleaning - Step 2: Pre-Clean Treatment

The second step involves applying a specially formulated pre-clean treatment to the carpet. This will be worked in to heavily soiled areas to increase the effectiveness of the cleaning. This Pre-Clean detergent acts as a soil breaker and de-greaser. It helps break down and loosen up the soiling locked within the carpet. It is a preparatory technique for step 3. We often liken it to the pre-wash cycle on a washing machine, before the main rinse cycle. At this stage any obvious spots and stains will be treated. This ensures that each spot or stain is treated properly, maximising the possibility of removal.

FibreSolve Carpet Cleaners Near Street - PreSpray Cleaning Treatment
FibreSolve Carpet Cleaning Services - Spot & Stain Treatment

Professional Carpet Cleaning - Step 3: Water Rinse & Extraction

The Water Rinse and Extraction is the main stage of the deep carpet cleaning process. Our world class fast dry extraction system is setting new standards for carpet cleaning in domestic and commercial settings. Clean water is delivered to the carpet in a controlled way. The water temperature is also completely  controlled, set for each carpet type. This stage of the cleaning rinses the carpet of the pre-clean detergent and all the broken down dirt. It is instantly extracted from the carpet by powerful vacuum units. 

FibreSolve Carpet Cleaners in Street Somerset Pati Performing Extraction Carpet Cleaning

This system ensures that your soft furnishings are cleaned as deeply as is physically possible, whilst recovering almost all the water used. This rinse extraction process is a carefully balanced combination of the right water pressure, the right water temperature, professional vacuum systems and the right cleaning technique. 

Professional Carpet Cleaning - Step 4: Re-Treat Difficult Areas

Often times there are areas of your carpet that will need additional treatment in order to improve. In this case we go back and repeat some of the process in step 2. Also with particularly difficult spots, stains and odours we may try other cleaning additives. Anything we use is then flushed and extracted from the carpet by the same process described in step 3. 

In the case that certain stains stop improving because they are permanent we may be able to try some advanced professional chemistry to improve the result. To see more about this please see our Stain Removal page.

Professional Carpet Cleaning - Step 5: Drying

The final stage of the cleaning  process ensures that your carpets dry in a timely way. Drying is accelerated by powerful vacuum strength from our cleaning machine and good cleaning tool technique. This ensures that almost all the water used is recovered at the cleaning stage.

Professional Carpet Cleaning - Step 6: Apply Optional Stain Protection

A carpet & upholstery stain protector gives all kinds of carpets and fabrics a much better resilience to stains. The actual protector is a coating we apply that forms an additional barrier around the fibres. It can be applied to brand new items or existing ones just after having been cleaned. To read more, please see our Carpet & Upholstery Stain Protector page.

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In order to be as accurate as possible with our estimate please provide as much information about the items as possible. For instance please let us know the dimensions of each area in metres. You can also send us some pictures any particular areas of concern. Get in touch via (listed in order of popularity, but whichever is easier for you):

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You Can See the Results of choosing FibreSolve as your Carpet Cleaner - Should you try to Clean your Carpets Yourself or Call Us?

We hope that having seen the thorough and careful way we’ll clean your carpets will be enough for you to choose our carpet cleaning service. But in case you still wonder about whether it’s worth trying to clean your carpets yourself, perhaps by hiring a machine – here’s 6 reasons why it’s best to leave the cleaning to us:

Hiring a machine may sound a cheaper alternative, but they are no-where near as thorough.

Many customers tell us their carpets took almost a week to dry after trying to clean it themselves. This often results in the water going off, and the carpets begin to smell bad.

Products supplied with small scale domestic or hire machines don't tend to be the best. Then can leave sticky residues and can be hard to rinse from the carpet, causing it to quickly get dirty again. The carpets will quickly turn into a dirt magnet.

Off the shelf carpet & upholstery spotters and washing up liquids (we won't mention any names) should not be used on your soft furnishings. They cause all manner of problems. Such as:

Once the product is in the fabric it's impossible to flush out. This can cause bleaching (oxidising). Also they leave a sticky residues which cause rapid resoiling. They can sometimes set a stain or spot. Hampering results that could have been achieved with professional cleaning.

We've been cleaning all kinds of upholstery for 20 over years. We've got the training, experience, tools, technique and products to clean your carpets - getting it to the best possible standard.

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