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The 5 Best Ways to Remove Pet Hair From Carpets by FibreSolve the Carpet Cleaning Experts

5 Best Ways to Remove Pet Hair From Carpets - Love Our Pets Retrievers Nose

We love our pets, but it's well worth looking after our carpets too by keeping on top of the additional pet hair and fluff they collect.

In this article we’ll describe 5 tried and tested ways to remove pet hair from carpets. Remember FibreSolve are trusted Carpet & Upholstery cleaning professionals, a carpet cleaning team with over 29 years combined experience. So we know how to clean and help others care for their carpets in the best way.

Let’s get ready then for some serious de-fluffing as we focus on these steps to removing pet hair from carpets…

Step 1: Limit Access to Certain Areas

Ok, so this article wouldn’t start well if we advised banning pets from walking on or lying on your carpets (although obviously that is the best way to keep pet hair at bay) so why not think of limiting them to certain zones.

For instance some of our customers don’t allow their dogs to go upstairs, which at least keeps the staircases, landing and bedroom carpets free of pet hair.

Another way to limit the need for pet hair removal from your carpets is to encourage your pet to lie on it’s own bed instead of the carpet, which is quite practical if like Bobby they spend most of their time in the lounge!

5 Best Ways to Remove Pet Hair from Carpets - Bobby likes the lounge

Bobby likes his lounge, or is it his owners lounge?

Step 2: Use a Rubber Rake to Remove Pet Hair From Carpets

The carpets will need regular vacuuming to keep on top of the pet hair and we’ll come on to that in step 4. But just before you vacuum, one of the most effective ways to remove pet hair from carpets is to use some kind of rubber rake. The rubber has a habit of connecting and catching hold of the individual strands of pet hair, pulling it loose.

Try this before you vacuum. There’s a few different kinds, but if you want to get one we recommend getting the highly rated Mr Siga Pet Hair Removal Broom.

Step 3: Use Household Items That Can Remove Pet Hair

If you don’t really want to buy something to loosen and start to remove pet hair from carpets, you can try some other items made of rubber that you may already have. It does depend on the carpet type and the type of the pet hair, but you may find the following effective:

  • Rub the effected area whilst wearing washing up gloves, or rubber based mitts.
  • Gently drag a window cleaning blade over the top of the carpet

Step 4: Regular Vacuuming - Get a Vacuum Designed to Deal With Pet Hair

One of the best and most important ways to remove pet hair from carpets is by regular vacuuming. Simply put, this is essential to win the pet fluff battle.

How Often Should You Vacuum a Carpet to Remove Pet Hair?

Carpets affected by pet hair need vacuuming at least twice a week. Regularity is also a basic feature of keeping the carpet and home clean.

Make multiple overlapping passes to vacuum with the most thorough technique.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner That Is Designed to Remove Pet Hair From Carpets

We have years of experience with vacuum cleaners in both domestic and commercial settings. We highly recommend the Miele Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner (Pictured Below). This vacuum cleaner is specifically designed to remove pet hair from carpets as it comes with a special cleaning head with a brush system. The Miele Cat & Dog Vacuum cleaner is one of the most thorough and relatively lightweight vacuum cleaners you can buy, which is why we recommend it so highly.

Step 5: Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Having your carpets cleaned professionally is another essential and best way to remove pet hair from carpets.

While many of us try to take care of many household tasks ourselves these days, proper cleaning of your carpets should be left to a qualified professional. They have the experience, techniques and the powerful machinery to get the best possible results when it comes to removing pet hair.

How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Deep Cleaned Professionally?

On average we recommend having your carpets cleaned about once a year, especially if you have pets. Doing so will keep them as hair and fluff free as possible and of course hygienically sound.

What Else Can I Do to Keep Carpets Clean?

Read a specific article on this subject with 5 proven steps – How to Keep Carpets Looking New in 5 Steps

The Best Ways to Remove Pet Hair From Carpets - Wrapping Up...

We're sure these steps will help you look after your carpets and to keep them free of pet hair. If you follow these steps your carpets will last longer and stay clean

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